This week

However ‘it’ all turns out, I have found myself re-engaging with issues and trying to inform myself.  I’m not engaged in civic life locally or nationally and so I don’t have much right to moan about how things are run.   Some have complained about the lack of information but it depends where you look, what you read and whom you listen to.  Churches as institutions of course remain neutral but neutral as regards party politics – or in this case ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.  That does not mean a lack of involvement in civic society.  There are those who complain that church leaders should ‘stick to spiritual matters’ but what does that mean?  All the main world faiths prioritise justice, peace and compassion.  Living out such very general values on the ground can mean being criticised for speaking out against injustice or getting our hands dirty in specific action.  We’ll probably get it wrong at times.  That’s why reflective practice is so important.  (A plug for this year’s Reflection for Action !) 

By the time we meet again in our respective congregations, the referendum decision will be made.  This morning’s ‘God slot’ on Radio Scotland reminded us that for some, a major personal crisis will be dominating their lives to the exclusion of all else.  Our prayers for respect and harmony post-referendum are needed and, as always, our prayers for those living through terrible times. 


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