Gaelic in Argyll and The Isles

Gaelic in the church

Gaelic in the SEC Liturgy

Gaelic Collects

Within the Episcopal Church, there is a Society which promotes the use of Gaelic in its Liturgies. It is called the Gaelic Society of the Scottish Episcopal Church (Comunn Gaidhlig Na h-Eaglais Easbaigich) and its aims are:

  • To consolidate and develop the use of the Gaelic language in the Liturgies of the Scottish Episcopal Church in Gaelic-speaking areas and elsewhere.
  • To promote a wider awareness of the place of Gaelic in the history and traditions of the Scottish Episcopal Church, both within the Highland area and further afield.
  • To use the media to promote worship in Gaelic in accordance with the rites of the Scottish Episcopal Church.
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