Mustard Seed

I’ve just planted a few.  I’ve had a little packet of them since we began Building the Vision.  Congregations were asked to choose a symbol to represent how they saw themselves and their mission.   At the Synod eucharist that year  an astonishing variety of iconic objects were brought to the altar, some treasured items, some artistic creations designed for the purpose. 

When I set out to visit some of the charges, I bought a packet of these tiny seeds but had never planted any.  I understand that they will not grow into a tree in which the birds will build nests.  Apparently the seed referred to in yesterday’s parable is very different from our ‘mustard-and-cress’ variety.   Yesterday it was my turn to lead morning prayer at St Paul’s Rothesay.  In the intercessions we prayed:

The Kingdom is like a mustard seed.  We pray for your church especially in those places where it feels small and weak.  Help us to trust that it is not our work but yours and that the kingdom will indeed blossom like a tree. 

I hope the little seeds will grow. 

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