Healing – restoration or transformation?

For today’s blog, I’m indebted to the Revd Lisa Eunson who shared with me a thought from a recent sermon.  The question is hers – the rest is my take on it!

Is healing about more than the resumption of ‘normal service’?   When we suffer in any way -physically, mentally, emotionally, spirituality – it’s human to ‘just want to feel better’, to be restored to equilibrium.  But what if we are being invited to transformation?   This may involve a period of uncertainty, of trying new ways, of handling the puzzlement of friends or family – all kinds of disequilibrium.  We don’t know whether Bartimaeus sent a note home to say he was off to follow this healer Jesus.  We don’t know what happened to the man who ‘took up his bed and walked.’  (Though Peter’s mother-in-law’s healing sounds more like ‘business as usual’ seeing she got up and made the tea!)

‘Be transformed by the renewing of your minds’  says Paul in his letter to the Romans.  Whether as individuals or communities, I wonder if we are able to take the risk of being profoundly healed, of being transformed?

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