Diocesan Retreat – The Hiddenness of God”

The Diocesan Retreat will take place this year from Monday 28th October till Thursday 31st led by Bishop Brian Smith, former Bishop of Edinburgh. The idea of ‘the Hidden God’ has always been part of our religious tradition. In Isaiah we read ‘Verily thou art a God that hidest thyself, O God of Israel.’  We encounter the theme in the differing reactions to Jesus in the Gospels. It a theme central to reformed theologians such as Martin Luther, and catholic philosophers such as Blaise Pascal. It resonates within the writings of the twentieth century writers Paul Tillich. We sense it in the recent blog comment of this year’s Gifford Lecturer, Steven Pinker, “If I am so lucky I will address the Almighty as Bertrand Russell proposed to do: “O Lord, why did you not give us evidence?” During the retreat we shall seek to reflect within this tradition from a devotional point of view. Places may be booked by contacting the Warden of The College, Cumbrae on 01475 530353 or by emailing Cathedral_Cumbrae@btconnect.com  Dinner on

Monday to breakfast on Thursday is £174 (£189 with en-suite).  Booking will be restricted to Argyll & The Isles folk until September when the retreat will be open to all comers.   Do make sure of your place.  The booking form is now available (click on this link)

If you have never been to the College, Cumbrae, you can be assured of a warm and comfortable welcome.   Check out the website www.island-retreats.org and if you have never been on retreat and would like to know more, please contact Bishop Kevin or Alison Clark through the Diocesan Office.