I can do no better than to recommend you listen to Sunday Worship of Feb 22nd.   The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent book is Rev Desmond Tutu’s ‘In God’s Hands’ and Radio 4 is following that for its Lent theme on Sunday mornings at 8.10.  This week the service from St Martin-in-the Fields focussed on the theme of human dignity.  ‘From the profound experience of being discriminated against, Tutu makes a case for universal dignity, the intrinsic worth of every person as a child of God.’


St Martin’s is well known for its work with the homeless and one of those who has benefited made a moving contribution to the broadcast.  Charles Dotou, a gynaecologist who fled from life -threatening circumstances in Senegal, found not only immediate help but a welcome into a community that restored his dignity.  His story is well worth a listen.  The link takes you to a replay of the service and to the script for the programme.  Here is one of the prayers:


Radiant God, we see as cast in your image those who have treated us with cruelty or unkindness. Your son Jesus Christ called you to forgive persecutors for they know not what they do. Incline our hearts to embody his reconciling love, that as we know our hurts and seek your healing, we may too live your risen life in gestures of understanding and mercy.


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