St Peters Stornoway – History


After Episcopacy was disestablished at the Revolution Settlement in 1690, a few families in lewis remained faithful to the Church. They petitioned the Bishop to send priests to minister to them and a succession of visiting clergymen served the congregation intermittently until well into the 19th Century.

St Peter’s Church was built in 1838 and dedicated in 1839; it was consecrated in 1898. The chancel was added in 1954 and the congregation gained incumbency status in 1985.

The organ, which was a gift from Lady Matheson in 1887, was repaired and restored in 1985 by Johnson of Derby. Among other valuable gifts made to the church over the years are a “Breeches” bible and David Livingstone’s Prayer Book. The oak pulpit came from King’s College, London. The stone bowl used as a font was brought from the Flannan Isles and is very old. It stands within a modern font.