Skye – Portree – History

History of St. Columba’s Church, Portree

 St. Columba’s  Church was in use by 1884, and was consecrated by Canon MacLean in 1891 on his return from Assyria. 

Originally a corrugated iron hall was used as an Episcopal Church at Portree in 1881,

when the Revd. L.F. Catcheside and the congregation first gathered as a mission. 

The building was removed to Duror by Bishop Chinnery-Haldane in 1886, to be used as a school.

 The school was financed entirely by Bishop Chinnery-Haldane, and after his death and

the subsequent closure of the school, the building was moved to Kentallen as a private hall,

where it remains to this day, 2013.

 3. St Columba's Church and bell tower

The church was built in 1882 to the design of Alexander Ross, as a memorial to

John Fielder MacKarness, Bishop of Oxford 1870-1899.

As early as 1892, repairs had to be carried out on the Tower. 

The Tower provided a constant list of repairs

requiring attention and expense, and was finally taken down in 1953.

  The Rectory, linked to the church building was added in 1891