Moving swiftly on?

The constitutional ferment continues.  Those who thought a referendum would settle matters once and for all (in whichever direction) find themselves in a very different world.  As many others have said, it’s brilliant that so many people – most of us! – got involved and that so many issues got talked about.  Personally I have […]

This week

However ‘it’ all turns out, I have found myself re-engaging with issues and trying to inform myself.  I’m not engaged in civic life locally or nationally and so I don’t have much right to moan about how things are run.   Some have complained about the lack of information but it depends where you look, what […]

Creative Passions

A bus enthusiast and the custodian of a 13th century church on Salisbury Plain – what do they have in common?  Sir Peter Hendry drives a 1962 routemaster one day a year to the abandoned village of Imber.  A mad idea that arose from a conversation in a pub, it’s now a charitable service licensed […]

‘Where two or three are gathered…’

Bishop Kevin has often cautioned us against being worried about numbers.  David Runcorn points out that ‘Lesslie Newbigin, who worked tirelessly for the missionary effectiveness of the church, observed how little interest the New Testament shows in numerical growth.’  The Gospels, says Runcorn, display a ‘disproportionate delight and compassion for the smallest and least significant.’  […]

More good news

Learned today that the folk at St Peter’s Stornoway have turned to and cleared out and painted The Boathouse.  This is a property on the seafront owned by the church, vacated by a tenant and now available for ‘pop-up’ events until future use is determined.  The refurbishment was prompted by the opportunity for the hall […]

‘Pop-up’ church

I’m excited to hear about the ‘pop-up’ service that took place last week in Blackwaterfoot on Arran.   The congregation of St Margaret’s Whiting Bay took the bold step of holding a service of Holy Communion in the Kinloch Hotel.  The Rev’d Simon Mackenzie presided and 11 folk attended including two people not regular members.  One […]

Mustard Sprouts

Mustard Sprouts

One week later – and the seeds have sprouted.  It’s been fun watching them and I’ve learned that the sprouts may be eaten, though possibly best in a mix of sprouts as the seeds were the brown ones and apparently very hot.  The recommended seeds for sprouting are the yellow ones.  Now you know.  I’m […]

‘When will there be good news?’

That’s the title of one of  Kate Atkinson’s novels.   As I write this, recent world events invite the same response.  I for one find it a challenge to respond with the ‘good news’ of the Gospel when faced with the apparently intractable conflicts or indeed the individual grief in the lives of friends.    […]

Marks of Mission

Last week I had the privilege of offering a bible study session at the TISEC summer school.  As co-ordinator for our diocese I take my turn at this.  Those of us involved are invited to stay over at St Mary’s Monastery Kinnoull for 24 hours or so, joining in the worship and attending any presentations […]

Reflecting at Lochgilphead

Bishop Kevin and the CDO both enjoyed the hospitality of the Mid Argyll folk at Christ Church Lochgilphead yesterday.  The Bishop preached on Abraham’s obedience in taking Isaac for sacrifice, spared at the last moment by God’s provision.  Talk about a cliffhanger! God asked ‘one thing more’ of Abraham and God always gives one thing […]