Living Our Vision

The 2017 discipleship programme in the diocese is called ‘Living Our Vision’ and encourages churches to engage with their local communities and to grow from membership to discipleship.

Membership and Discipleship: Is there a difference?

At our Diocesan Synod, congregations were asked to consider this question as preparation for the following sessions.

Course material Year 1 There are two booklets, one for participants and one for group leaders. The text in bold italic appears only in the leaders’ guide. The material may be covered in three sessions, or at a one-off event such as a congregational study day, or in small bites, for example over lunch after a Sunday service. It’s up to you. The suggested opening and closing worship material appears at the beginning and end of the booklets. You will need Bibles, ideally copies of the NRSV. Leaders may choose to print out any longer passages not quoted in full in the notes.

Our Purpose is to advance the mission of our church by reflecting on and deepening our commitment as disciples.

The simple resource booklets are available below:

Course leader/facilitator’s booklet

Course participant booklet 

For hard copies or with any problems producing booklets from these templates, please contact the diocesan office.

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