Isle of Mull – Lochbuie – St Kilda – History


The church was built and paid for by MacLaine of Lochbuie for the people of the south end of Mull, it having been found to be impossible for the whole of Mull to be looked after by one priest. The church was consecrated and opened in 1876, and in 1881 The Reverend G M Williams was instituted as Rector. The parsonage was built in 1888 and sold in the 1980’s.

Although there is, nowadays, some doubt about the authenticity of St Kilda, to whom the church is dedicated, there is, nevertheless, a portrayal of him in one of the windows in the church.

The church is now used four times a year with joint services for Episcopalians and the Church of Scotland.

The church was sold in 1997 to the late John Corbett on condition that it remained open for Christian worship at all times. If any group wishes to hold a service there, as a matter of courtesy, they should approach Mr Jim Corbett of Loch Buie but anyone may enter the church for private prayer.

There is a large cross in the Church which was once carried as part of the Passion Play at Oberammergau.

In the porch wall is an ancient Celtic cross which was found when digging the foundations of the church.